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Light Gives Heat

Light Gives Heat empowers poor Ugandan women to pursue creative endeavors and achieve economic sustainability whilst creating strongly African products with Western appeal.

Light Gives Heat

Light Gives Heat calls this project the Suubi (meaing Hope) project, and this is a self-governing community of 60-100 women make the recycled paper bead jewelry. They meet as a group every Sunday to bead together under a jackfruit tree in the village of Walukuba. The majority of these women are Acholi widows who have been displaced from Northern Uganda because of a war that has been going on for 20 plus years which has directly affected their tribe and homeland.

Light Gives Heat helps create the designs, and buys jewelry each week. It also sends volunteers who run weekly literacy and English classes for the women in the Suubi project. The Suubi project creates consistent weekly incomes in areas of Uganda where there is precious little employment. These fair wages allow the women to feed their families, and pay the fees to keep their children in school.

Spotlight: Aluo Caroline

Aluo Caroline is 30 years old and has 3 children.  She grew up in war-torn Northern Uganda but moved to Jinja as the fighting intensified so her family could escape the violence. Her work making jewelry for Light Gives Heat allows her to provide for her young family and pay for her brother’s education. There is a peace and sense of accomplishment she has in being able to provide for her family.

She has chosen hope and lives each day knowing she can make a difference in the lives of her children. The joy and warmth of Carol reminds us that hope is infectious (if we choose it!)

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